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The First Step Foundation multiplies the number of people who can get access to the Barwis Methods by providing educational opportunities and financial resources to people with gross and fine motor disabilities to receive the personal training through the Barwis Methods to help them achieve their maximum potential, to be the best they can be. Founded in 2013 by Mike Barwis, the First Step Foundation is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization created from a combination of a deep desire to help people with disabilities and a deep sense of responsibility to use the Barwis Methods for those in need. After years of perfecting the Barwis Methods and experiencing numerous successes in Neurological Reengineering while working with people who had motor problems, it became clear that we needed to create an effective avenue to multiply Mike’s ability to change people’s lives. Today, the Barwis Methods is quickly becoming the world’s leader and pioneer in bringing freedom, hope, and energy to people with disabilities, and the First Step Foundation helps people get access to these life changing methods!




Please support Angela with her upcoming fundraiser on Friday, January 30th. The evening will begin with Mass at 7:00pm and following we will share a meal together featuring appetizers, wine, beer, soft drinks and dessert. Angela will speak about how Barwis Methods has made a difference in her life and how her faith continues to help her. More Info...


Through our process of Neurological Reengineering, people frequently experience muscle activation they were told would be impossible. The process of retraining the neuromuscular system was designed by Mike Barwis as he leverages the body’s complex, natural pathways and systems to help the brain locate, activate and control neurologically impeded areas of the body.
  • Six doctors highly recommended double knee and double hip surgery. Mike Barwis said: No. This "no" comes from the mind of a genius. And he is right. We love you Mike.
    Kamal Meroueh
  • Our physical therapists asked what our goals were for Hudson. We said, “We want him to be free, where he doesn’t need braces or anything to do what he wants to do.” They said, “Ok…and what are your other goals.” They have obviously never met Mike Barwis. Within 3 months he was walking down the hallway at school - free as a bird.
    The Vankers
  • Since becoming part of the Barwis Methods Family, I feel my goal to walk again unassisted is on it's way...I will push to get to that goal and I know Mike Barwis and his staff of trainers will for sure do the same. This place is like no other; the difference is that Barwis Methods Training Center makes things happen! Even things that seem impossible.
    Chris Williams
  • We came from Louisiana to work with Mike and his staff. They shared great knowledge, motivation, and their winning atmosphere! The results have been life changing.
    Ashley Moberley
  • The first day of my training I showed up in my leg/ankle brace and walking with a cane. I was a balled up mess from inactivity. Before we even started working out Mike told me to take off my brace and give him my cane saying, “you won’t be using these anymore”. And you know what, I haven’t had too!
    Andrew Knowlton, 6 Year Brain Cancer Survivor
  • When they say they can get you walking, they definitely will do it.
    Elliot Mealer